What writing means to me

The definition of being literate is being able to read and write, but I think it goes beyond just being able to do that. Being literate goes to a greater extent of being able to make deep connections to whatever you are reading/writing and having knowledge of literature.

In my opinion “good” writing could mean different things. For example, “good” writing could mean being able to comprehensibly portray one’s thoughts and ideas through their writing. “Good” writing makes me believe that the person doing the writing is taking their time to create “good” writing. “Good” writing could also mean that writing flows, is logical, and/or free of grammatical errors. Therefore, grammatical errors, lack of interest, or lack of main focus in writing are examples of what is not found in “good” writing.

Like the article I read, I am a “grammatically conscientious person.” I care about what my writing portrays to others, so I would not be caught writing the wrong “their”, “there”, or “they’re.” Thus, one of my many pet peeves in writing is when someone uses the wrong “their”, “there”, or “they’re.” Or when people write or say “me and you” or “my sister and me”, the proper way of saying/writing this was engraved into my brain after my chorus teacher would get onto us for saying it incorrectly. Sometimes I don’t understand how people can get these words confused/wrong.

I found the article “Teaching as Unteaching” to be super interesting. I found that last semester (remembering that it this is my first year of college) I would be asked to do writing assignments with little to no requirements, unlike in high school writing assignments were very straightforward with directions on how to and what to write about. I feel like high school teachers make writing in college out to be something that is drastically difficult, but I’ve found the opposite. After reading this article my thoughts on what “good” writing is has become questionable.

This article has made me sort of confused as to what is the correct way to write. Or is there a correct way to write? This article has made me realize that as long as the writer has a main focus and gets the point across that’s all that really matters. Also, I feel like this article has clarified what professors want our writing to be like.


4 thoughts on “What writing means to me

  1. Jonathan Arocho says:

    When you talk about good writing meaning that it “flows,” I also picture it as allowing the reader to understand and not having to question/re-read what is being said (it shows that the writer loves what they are talking about because they took time to explain themselves fully). I think writing should be an extension of somebody. High School really does take that away though, because it is so focused on teaching a style that is “correct” and completely objective. I remember having to give up some really nice ideas for the sake of following the directions and getting the A, which totally held me back with my writing.


  2. bhawkins6177 says:

    Your comment on literacy saying literacy is being able to make connections with what you are reading or writing it leads me to believe that literacy pertains to just reading and writing when in fact it is more than that. I believe that literacy consists of ones lifelong gain or goal of obtaining knowledge, and that it is possible to be literate in many different subjects.


  3. kstric15 says:

    I like that you question whether or not there is a “correct way” to write. People have so many different qualities of good writing, which makes it confusing to pick and choose which are actually correct. When going from what was considered in high school, to what college professors expect, it makes it very confusing to truly understand how we should be writing. I think that this is the beauty of it, how we write is left for us to decide on.


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