Diversity within literacy

“The Elements of Literacy” was interesting but overall, I enjoyed that many people had diverse opinions about literacy. I agreed with how they said that writing was only taught for testing purposes and ultimately the schools benefits. I believe that isn’t fair for, although schools would disagree, everyone because it should be 100% about the students succeeding in their academics.

1. Adaptation: “getting by” ex: “No Child Left Behind”

2. Power: “upward mobility” (advancement)

3. State of Grace: being literate can have more advantages than someone who isn’t literate;      ex: when I judge someone who doesn’t write the right “there”

  • Standardized testing for a university? How can this determine our success in the future? I’m not really sure how I feel about this testing being done at a university level.
  • Social literacy- example: Liking someone’s status that says “Sad. My grandfather passed away.” Why do we “like” this?
  • Cultural literacy-
  • Digital literacy- example: people that aren’t proficient in technology

As class has began I didn’t really understand how we were going to approach literacy, but now I’ve become very interested in how literacy affects us daily and how it is so different. For example, the “When you see” piece of writing we read in class has made me realize how cultures are very diverse in the aspect of literacy. I think it’s sad that some people are willing to make surgeries to be able to speak our language. Sometimes I forget, and I will be walking by someone on campus and realize they’re speaking a complete different language. And honestly I think that is what makes us different and unique and we should embrace it just like the person wrote in “When you see.”


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