Literacy in all aspects of life

Wow. Everyday of class my knowledge of literacy has been increasing. Like I have said before, I thought literacy only  meant being able to read and write. Now I’m coming to conclusion that literacy is more than just that. We talked in class about how older people are usually considered illiterate because they don’t know how to use technology but in reality, everyone is literate in a different way. Older people are literate in the aspect of history or writing. Ex: They most likely know how to write letters a lot better than our generation. In class someone mentioned that writing a letter has become more of a way to show gratitude, and I agree. Letters are more personal and I feel like we shouldn’t lose that way of communication because it really is something that we should respect.

Literacy for people with disabilities

  • Learning to differentiate between how we approach people with disabilities
  • What we should and shouldn’t say to them
  • How close you are to the person determines how you should approach them about their disability

21st century technology positive and negative aspects

  • We have begun to rely on things like “Siri” to correct our misspellings but in a way this has also helped us with spelling. We get it wrong the first time and then the second time we know how to spell it.
  • “Emojis” have a become a way of describing our feelings without actually having to say how we feel.
  • Text slang, “k” or “lol,” have been incorporated into our language

There are many positive and negative aspects of the way technology has shaped our generation. I think it has benefited for the good but also for the worst.



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