Drawing a red line with a green marker?

  • Is discourse communities seen as foreign to students? I think that students aren’t foreign to discourse communities because they’re pretty much clubs but as students we don’t know them as a “discourse community.”  So the term is what is foreign.
  • I think this class in general, has changed my way of viewing writing because in high school we had a set of standards and we aren’t really allowed to take our own style. Now here my perspective on writing has changed in way that is not boring or difficult but more interesting and fun.
  • How do we define academic writing? And do we bring those skills into college?
  • How do you respond to a boss who emails you angry about a job not getting done in on time? Do you respond angry or wait 15 minutes to get a good response? What kind of discourse would you use?
  • You should distinguish between certain communities because although they have the same characteristics, they are different. Consider which community you are in and which one you are talking to.
  • Different communities are different so it can be difficult to speak to another.

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