Making connections within

Reading through my peers’ blogs, made me realized we are touching on a lot of the same things. I noticed that my question about once you’re set free or are you still guilty, had similar connections to Nikki’s question. We all have similar thoughts and questions that I think we could all work off of.

I found that Nikki and I both used one of the same sources. I found it interesting that she viewed that article in a different aspect from me. Using the same article made me think of questions I hadn’t thought of before and I think that really helped a lot on questioning some of the things I was questioning. I also realized that throughout my blogs, questions about first impressions was brought up, so I see a lot of connections. For most part, I see that Nikki is questioning the justice system similarly to what I have been doing. If I had to complicate her inquiry blogs, I would say that maybe for her question about impressions, she should focus on the psychology aspect of why we make first impression and why they matter. Also, I feel like her two questions relate so maybe she should look at how they connect.

Abigail used a lot of past cases which I thought was great because she not only focused on articles/ facts about the inquiry topic but went deeper into actual cases. Like Nikki and I, Abigail also questioned on the fairness of our judicial/ justice system. On one of her blogs she questions, “are we out of control or under control?” (referring to the government and the citizens), this question really struck me and made me wonder what was true. She mentioned statistics from a TedTalks video that made me wonder if the funds the judicial systems has, has anything to do with my question on evidence. I would like to see her branch off into things like the consequences of race/ religion.

Overall, I liked reflecting on my work through the work of my peers’. It helped me make connections from my inquiry to their inquiries. I can see their work helping my work grow. It also made me realize I should make deeper connections to my inquiry topics. I think that I’ve just touched the surface with these questions and that I can and should go further. All of our work has in a way interconnected with one another.

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