• An example of reflection could be a song because the artist is telling a story of the past and showing growth→ ex. “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson
  • Music is a form of writing that can express emotions from the past in 3 minutes and is a great example of reflection
  • Relating reflection to food:
    • Make it, with all the ingredients and then you realize it wasn’t as good as you thought it wasn’t going to be. Then you analyze what you could have done differently.
    • Throw a paper together before the day it is due, but you have big words or in-text citation that make it look like the paper is a great one. Then you get the bad grade and realize it sucked. When you analyze, what you should do to make it better.
    • “Your reflection forms evidence of your experience.”
  • Movies:
    • we analyze the facts and concrete things about the movie
  • The moment is what had an impact on you, so don’t summarize.
  • Look out how you thinking process is now than it was before
  • We are always reflecting on things in life and we don’t even notice it
  • Be selective, reflect deeply
  • Get other perspectives from your moment
  • collect evidence, notes

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