How does the Criminal Justice System shape society?

Previous research has shown that celebrities, famous athletes, and members of the judicial system have a type of immunity when it comes to the law and punishment for wrongful actions. The law is “innocent until proven guilty” however examples from different cases show that in reality it is the opposite, that people are actually thought of as “guilty until proven innocent.” Since this law we’ve created: “guilty until proven innocent”  has been recorded case after case, we have found that those people in society that are held to higher standards and sometimes have a bit more leeway than the average American citizen. For example in the past, news on President JFK having “sexual relations” with a woman other than his wife. It was all over the media and all of America knew about it; but nothing was done. Regardless of his infidelity, we as Americans still idolized him and looked up to him as a role model. Although this is only one small example, it can still say a lot about American society. I think this example shows reflection on our society and how we admire and venerate the prominent people and kind of put them high on a pedestal even though they make just as many mistakes as the average citizen.


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