More on Genre

  • genre is a social act
  • sometimes you have to simplify things when talking about genres because if not, things can get messy
  • contain preconceptions
    •  sonnets=love poems
  • stability within genres and they change depending on the consumer
  • genres perform something
  • Dean’s Article:
    • aren’t classifiable
    • things can be classified as multiple things
  • forms don’t fit genres and genres don’t fit forms
  • Social: we create them as humans, depending on who you are talking about you have different genre
    • branches off into the discourse communities/cultural
  • Rhetorical: blocked by rhetorical questions but what is really meant is rhetorical= purposeful
    • if it wasn’t rhetorical then everything for example in music would sound the same
    • so artist choose specific beats, rhythms, etc. for a purpose
    • stable/flexible: greeting card, you choose a specific greeting depending on what was being celebrated so you have a foundation ex. birthday, baby shower, etc.. then you can choose if you want a funny, sarcastic card
  • Historical:
    • concept of antecedent genres> procreative sense, they aren’t just made up, something came before it
    • nothing new
  • Cultural: macro-level of context
    • the culture of this class is different from that of my earth science class
    • we have certain genres that operate by certain communities
      • someone in sciences: lab reports
    • overlaps with social
  • Situated: micro-level of context
    • ex: parking ticket
      • flyers on your car in campus parking lot would mostly be school related.
    • appearing in 2 situations that change the way you experience that genre
      • physical situations that we expect them to be in, and then we can perceive them
      • wedding slideshow
  • Ideological: value systems
    • ex: 5 paragraph essay is a genre
    • action for a person

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